Centre of Excellence

Our Courses includes:

  • Business Finance

    This course transforms financial and accounting language and concepts into decision-making tools the non-financial manager can use successfully every day. 
Course participants learn to apply the fundamentals of finance to improve budget management, increase potential profits, sell new ideas and assess the financial viability of projects.


    This course will:


    Integrate financial concepts and policies into the management decision and budgeting


    Evaluate the financial viability of projects and activities through profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and investment projections.


    Employ cash flow tools to analyze business status.


    Control business operations through effective budget management.


    Communicate effectively with financial executives and staff.

  • Management Development

    Develop the tools to lead you, your team and your organisation to lasting success. We offer an unrivalled selection of management courses, and our full portfolio is kept up to date with the latest ideas.


    Superior management, leadership and interpersonal skills are critical to individual and organisational success.


    MBA  essentials – Enhancing Organisational Performance


    Management Skills: Building Performance and Productivity


    Strategic Thinking and Business Planning


  • Leadership Development

    Leaders are under increasing pressure to deliver results and services faster, better and more cost effectively. To ensure success in a service team environment, leaders must inspire others to work together to deliver high-quality results.


    Introduction to supervision and team leadership


    Leading High Performing Teams


    Motivational Techniques

  • Marketing

    Achieve tangible results with tools, tactics and techniques from the experts. Our courses offer tried and tested strategies to communicate with your customers with real impact and help your product or business stand out from the crowd.


    Essential Marketing Skills


    Strategic marketing planning


    Customer Relationship Management


    Brand management


    Marketing strategy

  • Project Management

    Use of best-practice methodology in project planning equips you with the skills and confidence to manage complex and demanding tasks. Our courses help you to manage risk via effective project management.


    To understand the definition of project management.


    To understand and be able to apply the principles in choosing a project team.


    To be able to identify stakeholders and to manage the interaction.


    To understand and name the stages of Project Management.


    To understand the role of the Project Sponsor.


    To understand and be able to implement the key elements of Project Management.


    To conduct a personal performance evaluation.


    To be able to coordinate the execution of the project.


  • Human Resources

    An impressive range of HRcoursesto cover the core range of human resource management disciplines thatimprove skills, enhance employee performance and ensure legal compliance.


    Introduction to HR in business


    Appraisal interviewing


    Health and Safety at work


    HR for Non-HR Managers


    Disciplinary and Dismissals


    Stress Management at Work


  • Strategy and Change Management

    In response to technological advances and the need to improve performance, your organization may face frequent changes to workplace structures and procedures. To effectively implement change, you need to develop and administer a successful change strategy that integrates the contributions of both people and process. 
In this course, you gain the knowledge and skills to guide you through the process of change and position your change vision into practice.


    Manage change through the total integration of people and process


    Design and implement a framework for managing change


    Evaluate best practice approaches to people and process for delivering successful change


    Reduce the impact of risk while maximising the benefit of change


    Overcome resistance to change by opening and using effective communication channels


    Assemble a practical toolkit tailored to the needs of your organisation

Courses for the

Modern-Day Business

In today's rapidly changing business climate the challenge is to enable your people to deliver now and in the future. To do that, you need the right support. That means a partner who understands your business pressures and priorities; and who can work with you to get it right.


Centerpoint Consulting helps leading enterprises explore, develop, build and operate strong businesses that deliver sustained and valued growth.


We offer a distinctive package of training, consultancy and HR resources. Expert trainers and consultants provide guidance and advice to your organisation. Helping you navigate your way through today's competitive environment. The knowledge our training programmes provide enable your employees adapt, innovate and thrive.


To Your Organisation We:


Deliver training when and where you want it

Design tailor-made training programmes

Make learning efficient and cost effective

Intergrating IT into

your Business

Center Point offers a complete range of fully integrated infrastructure technology services that help customers achieve superior business performance. We can apply proven solutions and extensive resources today to help you achieve the bottom-line, tangible result that matter most.


Local resources are usually encouraged and developed through the use of local people. We have the capability to handle and deplore the most cost effective Infrastructure and Training programmes. We can effectively maintain your infrastructure remotely by use of VPNs and Firewall Service enable rapid response to your Network requirements and at the same time providing the best security for your business.


Maximising end-user IT efficiency represents a major issue for organisations operating nationally or globally, particularly those who operate across a number of different business sites. Prompt and effective resolution of the problems is essential to the productive running of any business. We offers a reliable, high quality supplement or alternative to in-house resources for business computing development, training, and project management.